We Stamp for Lara

Just wanted to update everyone about the We stamp for Lara campaign.

This is from Madonna website and I think she explains things better so before donateing your $25, please check it out!

From Madonna Dunn (Lara’s Mummy)

Hi everyone,

I just want to update you with info on what’s been going on.  PayPal have limited my account until I am able to provide them with information on the Sanction etc.  Even though I crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s.  I even contacted PayPal prior to putting up the buttons on our sites asking them if I needed to provide them with documentation.

I cannot even withdraw the nearly $8000 that you have all so generously donated at this time until the investigation is complete.  This is exactly what happened to Tina and it’s why we made sure we had our paperwork in place.  Apparently that doesn’t seem to matter.

I am so angry.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry before.  I told the fellow at PayPal that I will not let this rest until they have released my funds.   I told him that I would take this to every single National TV station, newspaper and radio in Australia telling everyone what they have done.  Who’s going to resist the story of a Mother trying to do the very best for her disabled child?  And when I’ve exhausted all avenues in Australia, I will start on the US.  I told him that if I do not get access to my funds until after my sanction is valid to (31 January) that they will be very sorry.

So if you have friends that you want to join up or know of anyone else who’s interested, please direct them to Lara’s trust account:

Heritage Building Society
Mrs M J Dunn T/F Lara May Dunn
BSB 638010
A/C #:  12189650

So pass along the message girls.  We will make sure that PayPal release the funds quickly.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool.  An angry Mother is another one!

Love and Hugs,


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