Bad Blogger!

So sorry to be MIA!

I have been meaning to get to this but it’s always at the end of my list. I have worked out that “blogging” doesn’t happen if there are things to get to that revolve around family/house/school/ Stampin up and usually in that order. I do have photographic evidence though and that why I’m here to share it.

Whoops! Not that…..that is Richard the Lionheart- the focus of part of a history assignment that I have been helping Amos with. Ask us anything about him and Amos and I would probably know!!!

Okay! That’s better! I am running a class on Saturday using a “Jolly Holiday DSP Paper Share”. It’s a chance to get together and make some cards for Christmas which is once again so close. At Madonna’s place last week I had a play drawing ideas from lots of different sources. If you recognise anything that is familiar please let me know so I can acknowledge it. We were in a creating franzy!!! (Too many chocolate bullets!). I do know that the basic design idea for this one is CASED from a swap at Regional made from “Douglas”.

Speaking of Madonna here are a couple of photos I took on the day. She was just a little bit excited to unwrap a new set of extended cutting pads- look Meges she was saying- no cuts! Sooo pretty. (Darling Mads…you are sooo easily impressed)

This one is of Madonna and her very cute and very social little girl, Lexie. She was getting ready for a swim in the pool when she stuck her head around the door and asked “Mummy, am I just too cute?”

“OMG! Yes Lexie, you are”……… was the reply.

Enough said!

3 responses to “Bad Blogger!

  1. I am lovin’ your gorgeous work lovey!!! I love the pop up bauble one…too cute. Looks like fun with the Dunns was a great day.


  2. You make me laugh!!!!! – (in a good way).

  3. Babe, it’s the little things that make my day!! xoxo

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