A Belated Birthday gift!

On Saturday night my husband and kids were all busy doing their own thing so I had an evening of stamping on my own. How nice was that!!! 

My beautiful sister-in-law, Karen, celebrated her  birthday on Wednesday and as usual we didn’t catch up until a few days after the fact. I had a play with a few new goodies to make her card and a little gift. As a rule we don’t give gifts as we have a big family so just spoil the kids (who are all now young men!)

This is the card I made for her along with a little “milk carton” filled to the top with “tic tacs”. She loved the cute box and matching card. She commented that she’d love to be able to make something like that!!! I told her that the last person that told me she couldn’t create is now in my downline blowing our minds with her beautiful (and creative) projects. HEY? Miss Michelle…I told Karen to be careful what she wished for and asked her when she will be booking a workshop. LOL!

We had a great night catching up. Drinks, nibblies, pizza and the Rugby League Grand Final. It was so much fun with a group of family and friends, not to mention Karen making all sorts of funny “football” comments! I forget that she spends every weekend in Winter “living football” with two of her boys.

Anyway, the little gifts were appreciated I think.

Have a great week


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