Thanks Madonna!

Hi All!

How cool is my new page. With a little time to think things through and some editing magic with Madonna’s help, I was able to create a page that’s a little more interesting. We both learnt something new too!

Don’t you just love the new “Love Letter” DSP that we used to create the border?

On Wednesday I visited Madonna (Dunn) in Brisbane(my fab friend and upline). I was suppose to help her unpack more boxes and move towards getting all her stamping studio ready to run classess. In true Madonna style she begged (yes Gemma, she did) not to do anymorw unpacking and just “be”.  So we had a nice time surfing the net, drinking coffee and talking stamping stuff. No interruptions either! She treated me to lunch – which was a good old burger with the works- and we chatted some more.

I have photos of the project we made and the tins we “prettied up” for the centre of the table but silly me didn’t have the card in my camera so I can’t transfer them as I can’t find the usb chord. DOH! (Mads- please send forth some photos).

I just wanted to THANK my beautiful friend for a lovely day.  See…SU is so much more than ink and paper!

One response to “Thanks Madonna!

  1. You were very welcome Mrs Hayes!! I enjoyed your company immensely!! Thanks for a lovely day & i’ll try to get some pictures done soon. xo

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