A quick catch-Up

Like the saying goes…. “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

So I will share some things I’ve made over the last month or so via pictures with the least amount of words as possible!

  It’s been nice to create without the pressure of “getting” ready for anything in particular. You know, stamping and making things for the joy it brings others as well as the satisfaction that it brings because “I made it”.

The first is a set of cards I made and sent off to England for a special friend who still writes to me with pen and paper. Her  letters are my favourites ones to get from my “real” mailbox. I had so much pleasure making them for Judy as I kept imagining her reactions as she opened her gift.

I used the Big Shotz to emboss the flowers onto vellum.

Love the elegant effect.

These are some of the DVD covers that I made for a very “rare” (almost extinct) team meeting (yes, girls, I cn hear you giggling!),   I had after Sydney Convention. Of course- it was full of great ideas and special moments catptured at the event. I made an extra special versions for my wonderful manager, Madonna…so thank you to all the demos who suffered the embarrassment of posing with Sock Monkey. She loved all the special attention she received!

Speaking of Mads….it was her birthday at the end of May. We had a team day at her place sharing our convention experiences and having a day of stamping via a shoebox swap session, eating and laughing. Her present was a lasagne dish with handles. She has since sent me two photos of the dish in use saying how much she “love, love, loves it”.

It sounded so useful,I have since gone and bought one for myself!!!!

For my local bloggers try “Coopers” just outside of Big W @ Tweed City. The shop that we all think is just a kitchen shop. LOL! I now own two, yes two, L&H handbags and just love them. I have also visited many time to pick a variety of gorgeous gifts and jewellery. Check it out.

Anyway, the black ribbon I bought caught my eye straight away,as it reminded me of the “Circle Circus” stamp set. Don’t you love it when an idea forms in your head and you get that buzzing feeling that “OMG! This is gonna work!” Well, I was very happy with the result. I embossed the circles and the butterflies and although soooo very simple, the effect was striking.

Like I said an “OMG” moment.



That’s me, Margie and Anne at Madonna’s. At my team meeting I had pressies for the girls. Margie was given the apron she is wearing. It has my team logo sewn on the front. “Stampdragons”. The card was  for Anne’s birthday.

         This last collection I made yesterday for my “neice”, Jessica.  Jessie was my flower girl when I was married an now she is 25 and having her first bubby. I attended a beautifully planned baby shower for Jess, which took place in her back yard with a few of her closest friends. She still calls me Aunty Mege, and she’s a special young lady whose Mum, (Karen-my cousin) is one of my best buds.   I think it’s true to say that our mothers traits have been firmly passed down the generations. Although, Kar and I would say that we are definitely the “cooler” versions. LOL!

This is Jess, looking so happy and healthy. My bets are on a little girl.





…and this is the card I made to match the Kikki-K baby set I got her.

(It was another OMG! moment when I saw the little book pack)

…and you know the funniest things about it. Look closely at the pen….

…yep, that’s a stylised Sock Monkey image, right there!!!! Trust me.I wasn’t able to get a closer shot, Sorry. It ‘s hanging from a branch right in the middle of the pen and sitting on a branch at the top.

Each of the little books inside were for when you have “baby brain” and can’t remember a thing. “Feed times, special moments and sleeptimes”.So cute. I also added some Bonds clothing and love the tiny little tights.

I actually made two cards. This is the one that I kept as Alan chose the blue ribbon version to give her!

Well, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the picture tour. If there’s any supplies etc. you want to know about in order to make the cards too, just send me a message and I’ll fill you in.

Hugs, Mege

6 responses to “A quick catch-Up

  1. So that’s why you make us wait so long for a blog post…..you want to make sure it’s a full one!!!! Seriously- lots of great stuff. Can’t wait for another one of those rare team meetings so we can see what happens next 🙂

    • Forgot to ask you. Do you think we could co-ordinate a time that would suit Toni to make a visit along with a team meeting?

      I will also e-mail Mads to ask her when she was thinking of coming to stay. How good would it be to have all of us in one place at one time. We could have a great play!

    • Did you like Jessies baby shower card? Love the colours as they match the sweet slumber paper…Kikki K- love that place!

      On Mon, Jul 5, 2010 at 8:32 PM, Megan Hayes wrote:

      > Forgot to ask you. Do you think we could co-ordinate a time that would suit > Toni to make a visit along with a team meeting? > > I will also e-mail Mads to ask her when she was thinking of coming to stay. > How good would it be to have all of us in one place at one time. We could > have a great play! >

  2. Margy Maycock

    Oh sounds got to me, need crafting time with you girls!!! Loving it all but bit confused about the picture under the big shot velum flower cards – Can you tell me about that??

    • That comment goes with the top picture, Magie. I like using the vellum in the big Shotz with the embossing. Nice.

  3. Yey!!! Love Love Love Meges!!! I just love seeing your work and such a nice long post. Thanks for sharing and just love having such a talented up line to drool over your super work!!!


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