Monkeys and Bubbles!!

The weather this weekend was perfect to give Mr Sock monkey his annual bath! (Or maybe the first one EVER!  Mads, am I correct?)

There was a whole lots of monkey screams coming from the laundry during the wash. 

H’e a little shy…notice the way he’s covering his “private parts”. I’m sure I heard the cry , “Oh! the shame!”  throughout the washing process.

I was being very careful not to get his mid-drift wet as that’s where the “noise box” is located. I could tell I was doing well (because of all the screaming) but he fell silent right at the end of the wash.  I wasn’t sure if this was a blessing or not. I knew his real mummy, Madonna kinda loves the noise.

After hanging around for a while, drying in the beautiful morning sunshine and windy conditions Sock Monkey was all fresh and clean….but alas with no “voice” to speak of! LOL!

I took him and sat him on my bedroom table and continued with my ironing and folding. It was during this time I heard a very strange noise and thought that it had come from my bedroom. “No?” I was thinking, “Can’t be!” I squeezed the monkey and nothing happened so began putting some clothes away when it happened again. The monkey was possessed……he was making a sort of scraming, gurgling noise without me touching him. (I should probably be saying “it” not “him”)

By this stage I was laughing very loudly as I realised that his noisy box was drying out and there was a “gurgling” noise happening along with the scream noise! His voice was returning! OMG!

Mads will be pleased!

2 responses to “Monkeys and Bubbles!!

  1. LMAO!! Can’t wait to see him again and am counting down the sleeps until you visit on the 12th!! xo

  2. Still waiting for the talent to appear on screen. Love the monkey but wanna see some talented stampin’ coming from the Hayes household!!!


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