Sock Monkey rocks Convention!

We’re back!  What a very busy and exciting weekend Sock Monkey had.(So did I) He was everywhere, kissing and hugging anyone and everyone who was anyone!

I apologise (in advance) for all the photos that you will see on the various blogs where he  crashed photos and tried very hard to “be noticed!”

Shannon West and the office girls

Pam, the monkey and Meges

 There’s lots more to show you but I have a rostered day at school canteen so must fly! I’ll leave you with a classic Sock Monkey shot…captured after Awards night. He was seen slurping a Cosmopolitin at a ritzy bar with a few well known demonstrators!!!

One response to “Sock Monkey rocks Convention!

  1. Love it!!! You are looking very sexy in your black dress in one of the photos. Love the Sex in the City shot of Sock Monkey with his Cosmopolitan!!!
    Mads will be a very proud Mum.


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