She’s here!

Say Hi to the newest member of our family.

She has been named “Princess Jazzmin“!!!!

It’s very exciting as this is the car that I’ve always wanted to own. 

My house guest is also very excited and it was hard keeping him out of the new Jazz.

I have work tomorrow so Sock Monkey is having a day with Shell (next door)at home. Today Shell fell and hurt her “dodgy” knee at work- 15mins after preschool began so I received a text at about 9ish….Quote : “The Good news!  I will get time today to finish my swaps. The Bad news! I’ve done my knee again!”

I couldn’t believe it! Two more sleeps till we leave and she hurts herself.Poor Shell! Poor me! Would I have to push her around in a wheel chair?…Would we get special treatment on the plane?  Alas, all isn’t as bad as first thought. She has the day off tomorrow to rest and Sock Monkey will be there to keep her company!!!! Lucky girl!

Anyway, Princess Jassmin is now tucked away in the garage and I get to drive it before heading south. I just hope the family doesn’t use up all that new car smell on me!

Keep your fingers crossed for Michelle!


One response to “She’s here!

  1. So jealous – both of Socker’s and the new Jazz – you have the car IIIII want (except I want it in either yellow, or orange!)

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