The “Weekend Monkey”!

Thought I’d pop in to show you what the monkey’s been up to over the weekend.

He is causing all kinds of “excitiment” in the SU world and I can tell that everyone is “busting” to see this old friend once again. LOL!

I thought that he should have a quiet weekend before he hits the big lights of Sydney. After watching “Underbelly 2” though last night, he has promised not to venture far in fear of running into one of those shady Golden Mile characters! A monkey on crack…now I’d like to see that!

Saturday morning he cruised with Amos. watch the morning shows- then later saw Jessica Watson arrive back in Sydney. I promised him that if  he behaves himself, we may just get time to catch a glimpse of “Ella’s Pink Lady” at Darling Harbour!

Sunday, he came with me to a Handbag Paty held at the gorgeous Simone’s place. Simi is an amazing individual and has just found out that she will be going to Timor as an ambassador for “The Body Shop” later on this year. (Watch this space as she will be doing some fund-raising ventures and knowing Simi, they will be BIG!). Sim is one of those rare individuals that inspires us all…so I felt it fitting that Sock Monkey  had the chance to finally meet her. (Sim owns Tiffany too girls- won from her Body Shop success!!)

After a few drinks though, it was clear that he wanted to be the life of the party…look where I found him. (I was so embarrassed!)

PS: See the black and white bag?  I was getting organised to purchase it but I had to attend to you know who…and bam, someone else snapped it up before me! Oh the pain!

3 responses to “The “Weekend Monkey”!

  1. heeheehee glad to see he’s getting the full treatment with you Meges!! xo

  2. I can’t believe how much I miss him, and can’t wait for our shinanigans to begin…… I am making him a ‘friend’ too…. heh heh!

  3. Why wasn’t I invited to Handbag party as your guest too!!!Sock monkey is taking over.Mmmmmmmmmmmm You know I looooooooove them, sniff, sniff!!! Next time.


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