Meeting the Neighbours…..

It was time for my travelling companion, Michelle, to have friendly neighbourly visit from me and of course, my house guest…the monkey.

There were three out of the five neighbours who were very interested in meeting Sock Monkey, one who already knows all about him and another who, well….was more interested in the footy.

(Go you Eels! and waving at Steve).

First, he had the pleasure of meeting Max.

Next, he met Gus.   


                   I think the monkey was fine with Gus…..but then he met Ned!!!

Need I say more. LOL! We discussed our travel plans, checked up how Shell’s swaps are going- then made a hasty exit!!  (No! we didn’t really!)

Just think….Three more sleeps until Sydney!!

I’ll be back tomorrow as I show you my new car that I take delivery of  in the pm. Guess the monkey will want the first drive!???? No show without punch, as they say.

Till then, Bye XX

2 responses to “Meeting the Neighbours…..

  1. Oh my gosh- look at those gorgeous children!!!! They must have an awesome mother????? No responsibility taken for the ‘blonde’ shenanigans of the youngest though….LOL

  2. Oh Yes!! I agree!! Must have the most magnificent Mother out there!!!

    Good to see the monkey is getting some nice socialisation!! Don’t let the grouchy woman near him when you go to convention will you??


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