Some Monkey Business!

Hi all,

I am going to introduce you to a “friend” of mine (using that term loosely!). He’s short but very cuddly and very quiet.

This is Sock Monkey and I have been given the honour of taking him to our upcoming Convention in Sydney on behalf of my buddy Madonna. (Hi Mads). This is Madonna saying her last farewell to him!!! (Pathetic really!LOL!)

To settle him into his stay with me, I decided to take him to work with me. That means 25 kids and a busy classroom.

Well, I have to say that the children thought he was pretty cool and wanted Sock Monkey to sit with them, do their English activities with them, have lunch with them….get the picture.  If I had known the “power” it brings, I would have got one of these things ages ago!

Here are a few shots of him with my beautiful class. (Unfortunately, they are like that dentist in the TV ad, you know…Tim is a dentist, we can’t show his face….!)LOL!

It’s the weekend, so you never know what a monkey can get up to!

Watch this space.

Mege and the Monkey.

5 responses to “Some Monkey Business!

  1. Those poor kids, 1st awhile ago you rub chalk on their face and now you are rubbing chocolate on them!!! The Dept of Ed are going to be on to you shortly!!!LOL
    Glad Sock Monkey weaved his magic at school, can’t wait for his adventures.


  2. Is it too late to organise an accommodation swap??? Not sure how I’ll go sharing an apartment with sock monkey….hope he behaves himself!!! Maybe it’ll be more interesting if he doesn’t 🙂

  3. Margy Maycock

    Wish I could fit in your suit case with monkey – I think we would get on really well together. Have a fantastic weekend (no doubt) will be thinking of you and Michelle ENJOY xx
    PS A friend told me to put a leveller on top of my washing machine (same as yours) and adjust legs underneath – did this and it has not gone of balance since (tip of the day) x

  4. Oh No! Not that flamin’ sock monkey of Mads. Hmmmm………I’m ploting his demise as I type…………..

  5. Ahhh! convention…only 3 more sleeps till the monkey, Michelle and Megan hit Sydney!!!!! There’s another “M” to watch out for too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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