One with Nature!

On Sunday while I was chained to the ironing board being a domestic goodess-hubby Al called out to me. I went out to our verandah to find him feeding these very colourful visitors. If you have visited our part of the Gold Coast you would know of Currumbin Wildlife Santuary and the daily lorikeet feeding that takes place there. Well, ever wondered where the birds go when they aren’t grabbing a free feed there? 

Yep! Driving us locals mad with their noise and pooping on our verandahs. LOL! No, really they don’t do it all the time! we were lucky to see these little guys so close.

One response to “One with Nature!

  1. Just going to leave one comment for the multitude of posts!!! I’m lovin’ it!!! Welcome back and I’m glad to be feasting my eyes on some new things. Look forward to many more.

    Go the positive!!!

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