But there’s MORE!

In the kaos of Week 10 Term 1 I had a few things to do!!! These are the invitations the kids created for their parents to come to our Easter Hat parade. They did a fantastic job at making their invites beautiful. But I have to show you what my office looked like in the process of finishing them all off! (And I want the girls to see that my office desk does get “messed up”!!!!!!)

It was all for a good cause and I did get it back to normal on the first day after school finished as “it was doing my head in”. You see I have a small problem. I think I suffer from OCD or something.


The funniest thing about this is that those that DON”T know me think that I am totally calm and organised at all times. HA! Ask my good friend Anne!

4 responses to “But there’s MORE!

  1. Your messy one looks like my spotless one!!!! You are OCD!! Therapy is good!!!


  2. Pfft! I agree with Anne! Mess my left foot!! That’s still looking organised to me!! And yes, I agree. You do have a problem! lol xxoxo

  3. OCDers of the world..UNITE! You 2 can bugger off. LOL!

  4. Hi Meges, Sorry I have to agree with the other 2…what mess??? There are a couple of bits on the desk but where are the piles on the floor???

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