Look out for the “STAMPDRAGONS”!!

It’s official!

My team has a new name! After many long and very funny discussions our team name has now been accepted.

You may think it’s bit strange but here’s the story that goes with it.

As you may know I live in a cul-de-sac with many of the inhabitants SU lovers.

Up until two years ago Jarrah Place consisted of the “originals” …old Baz across the road and Don who lived next door to Baz. Each afternoon (usually after a day on the Golf Course) they would be on Barry’s balconey have a few or 3 or 100 quiet ales or perhaps a scotch or two, watching the goings on in the street. Well, on a number of occassion, my hubby would find his way to this prime position.

As I would come down the street in my Commodore stationwagon, the call would go out…”Look out Hayzie..the dragon in the wagon is back!”

So thanks boys for the inspiration! Old Baz has gone to the great golf course in the sky and Don has moved on now but the name will live on!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, our little logo will consist of a beautiful dragonfly and be all pretty…not a firebreathing creature you may have immediately imagined. (Unless you know me real well.HA!) So look out for us at convention in Sydney…maybe I’ll be orgainsed with bags or something by then.

Have a great week



One response to “Look out for the “STAMPDRAGONS”!!

  1. HOORAY!!!! We have a name…….and I like it! Congratulations on building your team and finding a cool name for it. I’m sure that Baz and Don would be proud!!!

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