Saying Goodbye….



 In the rush of August I have had the sad news of three friends passing. Although the news of someone passing away is always sad or a shock,  the experience always  makes me reflect on “how things are” and makes me again appreciate the time we have.

My biggest shock came with the news of the death of Amos Nay in a horrible car accident.  (You may have heard of it through the news that his youngest sister Meagan, had to return home from the World Swim Champs.) .

 Amos was the son of my swimming coach from my teenage days at Kingscliff pool. Amos was born at Kingscliff  and my memories of him are as a bub with his mum, Karin and Dad, Robbie Nay and his big sister,blonde haired Fiona.

My son, Amos,  meet him a few years ago and they had an instant connection. I was so pleased that they meet, even though it was only for a short time.

Amos Nay was the only other Amos I knew and we think that it was most probably him  as a apprentice plumber-“on site” the day  my husband heard “the boys” talking to him and calling out his name. It was that night that I went into labour and Alan suggested the name he’d heard “on site” was pretty cool. I told him then that “Famous Amos” Nay was the only one I knew of!!! We regularly call our young Amos- “Famous” as a nickname and now it’s even more special!

One response to “Saying Goodbye….

  1. OMG Meges did you cry when you wrote that because I nearly did. I’m sure he touched the lives of many and it sounds like you were lucky to have him known him and be a part of his journey through his short life.
    The cards are very beautiful chooky, you are sooooo talented.


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