A13-Make a Wish

Have you worked out the criptic title yet?P8150121

Amos turned 13 recently and since it was his first step into the realm of “teenagehood”, I decided to make a card to match. I was really quite pleased with myself. There’s something kinda  spec about a bit of BLING! The important thing was that Amos was very impressed with his Mum.

It’s amazing! Almost overnight he turned into that kid on the TV ad.  You know ……. “Fine!”, “Good”, “Okay”, “What?”- most of his language has deteriorated into one word-hardly audible language!  HA! It’s become a family joke around these parts.

Anyway, he had some friends stay over then a day at the park with some well choosen “others”! We even managed a game of touch footy and soccer. With the glorius weather we are enjoying on the Gold Coast, it was the perfect day out!

So it’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY, FAMOUS…(goodness help Mum!)P8150098


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