Hello Cyberfriends!

Thank goodness the holidays are here and I have some time to get to all my “other” jobs that have been waiting until now. This is one of them..but a fun one to do. (The grocery shopping will have to wait!)

Thanks to my friends who have sent best wishes for the boys quick recoveries. Sam is back to his old self and resumes sport this week while Amos has mastered his cast quite well. He will be getting a “short” fibreglass cast in two weeks, just in time for our ski trip. The doctor was a bit worried when I told him that we were still going and to deal with it! That was after I asked him (ever so politely) why the “out of pocket” expences for Amos’s treatment were $1100 OVER the scheduled fee!!!!  (Just a tad excessive I thought!) After he had realised that I’d been billed twice…and recovered slightly from his mistake….I don’t think he was game to deny us the fibreflass protection for the wrist!!!!!! (Lesson 1: Always check those doctors fees!)

Anyway, to stampin’….

Michelle, my wonderful friend and newest team member had her launch last Saturday. I think there were a few sore heads in Banora Point/Tweed Heads on Sunday but also a bunch of happy “stampers”. I laughed all night at their antics and loved seeing the “OMG! I did that” expressions from many of the girls. I will get a photo of her projects to share ASAP.

Well done, Shell, You are a natural and Thanks to Annie who also came to support our newbie.

I think I’ll also just post some work I’ve been doing and give you a visual feast since I haven’t had a chance to talk over the past few weeks. Just too tired and busy! Sorry.We had to completely strip our classroom (what a task) as the whole school will be painted and recarpeted during the QLD school hols.



Anything to do with my fabulous friend Simone or SIMI to us- can NEVER HAVE ENOUGH BLING. So in her honour I went where I’ve never gone before!!!!! WOW! (Must pause to say that I love those STICKY CUT LETTERS AND SHAPES.) We made our very own persoanlised tags at her gathering last week. Every creation was sooo different but all beautiful. (Again, must get a photo to share).

P6230053We also used embossing for this cute little card that I CASED from our latest Impressions mag. (For Demonstators only!!!!)

I used white embossing powder from SU on the Baroque Motif Florish. I also embossed the small florish on the tag along with the “m”……P6230054







I embossed with Supa Nova glitter using heat and stick powder which was another first for moi!  I added some DSP, a ribbon and a sentiment and WALAH..nice!
 Check out Madonna’s blog for a 2 year olds take on using Supa Nova Glitter. Exciting stuff!!!  LOL! Sorry Mads. Just  had to share.

This Trendy Trees creation also copped the treatment. Mmmm! I’m now thinking that bling may make a regular appearance in my work. For all those that know me and  are aware of my affliction to mess will know what a huge jump that is for me. LOL! (Yes…you can chuckle, Mads).

 P6230058I’ll chase up the photos to share from Shell and Simi’s workshops and meet you back here soon.. I promise! Have a great day. Meges 









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