“And it just gets better!!!”

I’m here briefly to apologise for not having posted -yet. I have photos from Sunday’s class in Brisbane with Tenelle Williams (Hi lovely lady!) and some ‘stuff’ I’ve done BUT …..haven’t had a chance to even get it off my camera because…..CAN YOU BELIEVE IT…No. 2 son, Amos, broke his arm yesterday and he was overnight in hospital. (I have to laugh or else I’d go nuts.) The nurses thought I was back with Sam and also were shaking their heads! Amos was even on the same floor across the corridor from where his big brother had been last Thursday and Friday. Anyway, he’s now home and the two of them are keeping each other company! Must take a photo!!!

Mum tells me it will all be good from now as “that’s 3 things”. (Me off for a week sick, Sam’s appendix and Amos and his arm )LOL!

Promise to find some time tonight. Keep you posted.


3 responses to ““And it just gets better!!!”

  1. OH NO!!! Oh Meges!! What a week!! What a fortnight!!! Dear me!! Hope your boys are doing ok. Have a nice glass of wine love and put your feet up! I think you deserve it!

  2. Oh dear – you are having a rough time lately. Hope everyone recovers quickly.

    Take care 🙂

  3. Life just gets crazy sometimes. I’ll be back later to see your next posting. Sounds like every one is on the mend so thats a good thing.

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