What a day!

I am here to apologise for not posting  as I promised I would —but I have been a “tad” sick with a wicked flu which involved alot of coughing and no voice . Many have commented on the deep, sexy one that has been coming out as it slowly returns(..much to their amusement.)

Today was the day I had planned to stamp and create without any interruptions but alas it didn’t happen.

Our faulty Colourbond roof was replaced on Monday & Tuesday and today a huge truck backed down my “fairly” steep driveway to take away the old roof pieces. That was fine until he tried to leave and found that his 1/4 full disel fuel tank was unable to supply the fuel required to start the truck and move back up the hill!

No 1 son was home with severe stomach cramps and I needed to get him to his doctor’s appointment…you guessed it, the truck was blocking my way. Dad came to the rescue! I took his car and he stayed back to help the driver who had NO mechanical knowledge.

Meanwhile, our family doctor sent us straight to John Flynn Hospital and Sam is being operated on in the morning- Appendix!!!!!  You could have blown me over with a feather! No warning, he was a healthy, normal teenager yesterday then “goneski”- so sick. So please forgive me and I will try to finish the projects that are on the table  screaming at me to be done.

Fingers crossed for “No 1’s” successful operation!!!!


3 responses to “What a day!

  1. kirstyscardnscrap

    Wishing number one a pleasant surgery (not that operations are pleasant), but I do hope he feels better soon!

  2. Thanks Kirsty. All has gone well with the surgery today.

  3. So glad 2 read all is well!! Hope recovery isn’t 2 long!!

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