I turned on my computer after dinner to do some school planning (yuk, boring) but, of course, have been side tracked by “stampin stuff” and new friends made last week at convention. But OMG! Look at what my Daily Horoscope said:
“Cool-headed Mercury throws new light on an emotional issue, helping you to find the right solution and move forward. The answer could be simpler than you think, so have the courage of your own convictions. This is also a good day to meet old friends and talk, as opening up and sharing how you feel is easy and fulfilling. Your popularity should be on the up and up, so go out and meet new people. New friends are waiting in the wings.”
I just wish I wasn’t so afraid of making changes and could be confident enough to do all that I have been thinking about.  For those that know me -well- all would be “gobsmacked” to hear me say that.
Wish me luck and ask the universe to help me make the changes I need to be happier, challenged and confident in whatever I choose to do over the months ahead…..

3 responses to “OMG!

  1. kirstyscardnscrap

    You go girl!! You are doing a fabulous job! You did an awesome job on those cards by the way! I have been a busy little girl myself as you know. Would like to be a little busier though. If you know what I mean!! Might have to get to together for a play date, hey?
    Love Kirsty

    P.S I’m no longer doubting myself or my work.

  2. Anything you do love, go forward and conquer!!!! (Is that a sci-fi line if not should be!!!). I guess moving out of our comfort zones scares us all at times. I say get out and get on to those people they are gonna be your friends. Remember “love what we do and share what we love”, in anything we do.

    Love ya mate

  3. “And the day came, when the risk it took to remain tight inside the bud was more painful than the risk it took to Blossom.” Anias Nin.

    My absolutely number one quote of all time. It has inspired courage in me when I doubted that I had the courage I needed to change.

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