More of Convention @ Canberra


Keesha became a convention legend by actually taking Mr Sock Monkey onto stage with her during her Demo Theatre! Here he is, being safely returned to Madonna.


Here are Angela Sargeant and Alisa Tilsner with you know who, before we headed out to dinner. Alisa was not so sure about the monkey but I do know that she did enjoy her one and only “Cosmopolitan” after awards dinner. “You deserved it, Alisa. Congrats on your 2nd place as Demo of the Year”. What an are lots of fun.

2 responses to “More of Convention @ Canberra

  1. sockmonkeyadventures

    Well done on updating Megan!! I’ll be sure to let Mad know about your blog. Right now she’s busy getting kids to bed so i’ve taken over the pc!! Go me! Loving myself SICK in all these photos by the way!! Thanks for all the ‘special’ squeezes you gave me too? 😉 😉

  2. You rock Monkey man!
    Has Mad had time to give you a MUCH NEEDED WASH?
    I’m not touching you until she has. LOL!

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