Convention 2009


WOW! Superlative can’t describe my time at convention with my gorgeous upline Madonna and team member, the very talented Kirsty Brown.

Yes that’s me meeting Shelli Gardener the CEO and Co-founder of Stampin’ Up! She is one inspirational lady!

Convention has inspired me once again, not only in my passion for creating but to make a few much needed changes and decisions in my life. Decisions that will benefit my family as well as myself.

So, on my way home I made a mental list and wrote them down when I (finally) got home.  My number one goal is to fulfil a promise I made “out loud” to some of my new SU friends in Caneberra….update my blog regularly! To be truthful, my main problem has been the hassle it has been (and still is) to upload photos. So hit me with all your great hints to make my life easier!!!! Wendy?????

I have to say a big Congratulations to Kirsty Brown who is now part of Keesha’s Design team. (I should make a link to their sites but I am also learning how to do that and don’t want to muck up what I’m doing here at the moment!!!!!! ) See why I asked sooo many questions, girls!!!   Oh!…and thanks for all your great advice, Tina & Sarah, while we were waiting for our planes at the airport.

I loved meeting LOTS of ladies who are in the Stampin Up “family” and hearing their stories and sharing so many great times over the weekend.

Mr Sock Monkey brought me  many memorable moments and how could I not mention the most beautiful, strong and amazing lady in my fab “roomy”, Madonna Dunn! Did anyone not see her at convention. LOL!

Time for some photos…my camera battery died a few time while there, so I was very limited in getting anywhere enough candid snaps! E-mail me any if you have some at

Yvonne C and I at Sarah's Preso

Yvonne C and I at Sarah's Preso

Cheers till next post..


PS: Feel my pain..this post took me almost 2 hours!!! I need help.






Me, Sarah Klass, Madonna and, of course, Mr Sock Monkey!

Me, Sarah Klass, Madonna and, of course, Mr Sock Monkey!Mad,the monkey and Keesha