I do make cards!!

I know I am so slack at showing you my cards. Getting time to make some has been a challenge and way too hot to bother!!! So all those special people who have seen my cards or perhaps receive one on a special occasion really are the lucky ones! Ohh! Sorry darling husband that you didn’t receive one last Wednrsday for your 44th birthday.!!!!I’m sure he did enjoy the Viennetta ice cream and the prospect of a new magazine subscription though!!!!  Calling all card making friends…perhaps you can make him one and post it for me! LOL! (ANNE???)

Hang on Michelle (that’s her below) did make him one but I dare not put it on since I was so slack and didn’t get round to making one himself!!!! I have just finished reading the “Twlight” series of books so life as we know it can get back to normal. Maybe I will do some cards.

Here arp2040018e some that I am using for a workshop coming up soon…..enjoy.









2 responses to “I do make cards!!

  1. YEH!!!!!!!!!! Go Meges I knew you were holding out on us. Does this now mean I have to get a blog????? LOL. Tell that poor hubby of your card is in the mail if I can fing some masculine stamps in all my STUFF!!!


  2. HOORAY for you!!!!!! See I knew you had it in you- that’s how I got started….looking forward to seeing some more as the holidays are over baby!

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