Mad Stamper!

These are some cards made by my neighbour, Michelle. (You know…Max who drew me the picies for one of my Christmas cards…it’s his Mummy).
I introduced her to Stampin Up last year and she has found that it’s much easier than she first thought. I’m pretty impressed with her efforts.
Must be the great teacher she  had. HA!
Well done, Shell!  Keep up the great work!p2040022


2 responses to “Mad Stamper!

  1. Hi Meges,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence!! It certainly helps to have the lady with all of the gear living right next door…… now how to explain all the purchases to my husband????
    Next mission…… covering one of those cool tins.

  2. Great cards Michelle, I’m sure Meges does not make any cards. Still yet to see your beautiful work lovey!!!!!! Maybe when I get my blog you will post your work LOL!!!!


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