LOL! I told Madonna that I’d post this  picture of her from Saturday  night drooling  over these Krispy Kream donuts I picked up on my way to Brisbane to visit. It took a 5 minute discussion between everyone to decide which one to try first!!  It was finally decided to cut them into smaller pieces and try them ALL.  Of course.


I got to cuddle baby Lara and have a lovely evening eating, chatting and of course, looking at all things Stamping in her fab new scrapping room. Her sister,  Kristy ( Hi Kristy) and Mum were there too!  Lara had a great feed and even slept through dinner allowing us time  with the rest of her brood. (Hi Katie, Tom and Lexie). I have to say that Mad has the BESTED  husband in Mark. What a treasure…. I had to have a laugh when the “big girls” were all chatting wildly over cards etc in Madonna work room, while there was Mark reclining in his office chair, in the next room with the laptop, a Harry Potter movie (he was watching to see if the “littlies” would cope with it) and, of course, feeding Lara her bedtime bottle. There ain’t many men like that in the world…I should know as I have his clone at my house.

I “Pinky” promise to visit you more this year.

Love you lots Mad XXXXX

Baby Lara 
MMmmm! I love donuts!
MMmmm! Lexie and Aunty Kristie love donuts!

2 responses to “Madonna!

  1. LOL!! You are a crack!! I thank you for the delicious donuts however my Wii Fit does not. It wonders WHAT i’ve been doing to have gained weight since our last session…hmmmmnnn could it be the weather making me retain fluid???? Thanks for your company, I had a wonderful night! xo Mad

  2. LOL!!!! You are too funny. That is a very unattractive picture of me BTW….I’m obviously much better looking in real life…PMSL.

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