Awesome Annie!


I forgot to show you some of the cards Anne made at our day together. I love how neat her cards always are. Thanks for sharing your ideas and company. It was fun.

Also you may remember the cute tin Anne made me back in Sept. Well, I followed her idea and was inspired to create a tin for my girlfriend, Lauren who turned 21 recently. I used Barcade Background DS paper, a few ribbons and a die cut letter”L”. Her Mum filled it with photos and special keepsakes from her childhood. Not a bad first effort I thought.

I was thinking that I might make one for my Prep classroom and put our stickers in it. Then I’d never have to go looking for the Reward stickers in my office! I’ll tell you more about my class as the month moves on….Wish me luck with all 17 boys and 8 girls…Under 5years old!


2 responses to “Awesome Annie!

  1. Hello
    great first try. I made a tin!!!! Wooohooo. I love the idea for a sticker box, fantastic.
    Look forward to more from you.

    Karen 🙂

  2. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHA!!! I am stoked love to log on and find the update, HOWEVER!!! It is your blog you dag not mine!!!! Love the tin gorgeous and I maybe should look at getting a little blog of my own. That would be good, then I can post your creations LOL!!!

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