Calendar for Christmas

With Christmas just over the horizon, I’m beginning to get some gifts organised for family and friends. Thought I’d share this…..

I’m making a calendar for the Grandparents with each month dedicated to a different family Grandchild or son/daugter’s family. Some have photos while others are scrapbooked but I’m leaving a space for a photo to be inserted later. The blank calendar can be found in the SU Ideas book & catalogue on page 133. There are two sizes to choose from. Send me an e-mail if you’d like to order any and get started on that special gift!

2 responses to “Calendar for Christmas

  1. Very nice, I like it!!!! My calender stamp is on my wish list, keeps getting pushed back for some reason. Nice to see an update on the blog love!!!!


  2. Wow Megan
    you never cease to amaze me. Can’t wait to get involved in the holidays!!!! Congratualtions on another wonderful creation.

    Love It


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