We Stamp for Lara

Just wanted to update everyone about the We stamp for Lara campaign.

This is from Madonna website and I think she explains things better so before donateing your $25, please check it out!

From Madonna Dunn (Lara’s Mummy)

Hi everyone,

I just want to update you with info on what’s been going on.  PayPal have limited my account until I am able to provide them with information on the Sanction etc.  Even though I crossed my t’s and dotted my i’s.  I even contacted PayPal prior to putting up the buttons on our sites asking them if I needed to provide them with documentation.

I cannot even withdraw the nearly $8000 that you have all so generously donated at this time until the investigation is complete.  This is exactly what happened to Tina and it’s why we made sure we had our paperwork in place.  Apparently that doesn’t seem to matter.

I am so angry.  I don’t think I’ve ever been this angry before.  I told the fellow at PayPal that I will not let this rest until they have released my funds.   I told him that I would take this to every single National TV station, newspaper and radio in Australia telling everyone what they have done.  Who’s going to resist the story of a Mother trying to do the very best for her disabled child?  And when I’ve exhausted all avenues in Australia, I will start on the US.  I told him that if I do not get access to my funds until after my sanction is valid to (31 January) that they will be very sorry.

So if you have friends that you want to join up or know of anyone else who’s interested, please direct them to Lara’s trust account:

Heritage Building Society
Mrs M J Dunn T/F Lara May Dunn
BSB 638010
A/C #:  12189650

So pass along the message girls.  We will make sure that PayPal release the funds quickly.  Word of mouth is a powerful tool.  An angry Mother is another one!

Love and Hugs,



Bad Blogger!

So sorry to be MIA!

I have been meaning to get to this but it’s always at the end of my list. I have worked out that “blogging” doesn’t happen if there are things to get to that revolve around family/house/school/ Stampin up and usually in that order. I do have photographic evidence though and that why I’m here to share it.

Whoops! Not that…..that is Richard the Lionheart- the focus of part of a history assignment that I have been helping Amos with. Ask us anything about him and Amos and I would probably know!!!

Okay! That’s better! I am running a class on Saturday using a “Jolly Holiday DSP Paper Share”. It’s a chance to get together and make some cards for Christmas which is once again so close. At Madonna’s place last week I had a play drawing ideas from lots of different sources. If you recognise anything that is familiar please let me know so I can acknowledge it. We were in a creating franzy!!! (Too many chocolate bullets!). I do know that the basic design idea for this one is CASED from a swap at Regional made from “Douglas”.

Speaking of Madonna here are a couple of photos I took on the day. She was just a little bit excited to unwrap a new set of extended cutting pads- look Meges she was saying- no cuts! Sooo pretty. (Darling Mads…you are sooo easily impressed)

This one is of Madonna and her very cute and very social little girl, Lexie. She was getting ready for a swim in the pool when she stuck her head around the door and asked “Mummy, am I just too cute?”

“OMG! Yes Lexie, you are”……… was the reply.

Enough said!

Birthday Bling

With the constant rain on the weekend I used some of the time to make  cards for some special friends. Both are celebrating birthdays this week.

 Little Malia from No. 2 Jarrah Place is celebrating her 4th birthday while my long time friend and workmate, Jenny is celebrating her big 50!

This is Malia’s card…..

I wanted something girly with BLING…what do you think…enough Dazzling Diamonds??? I love the Concord Crush with the Pear Pizzazz colours, in this. Yum! The final touch was the sentiment from Short & Sweet…”Wish Big”. So I hope Malia does and has a very special day. MWAH! to you Miss Malia.

I liked the card so much I thought that Jenny would too, so I  changed it ever so slightly to produce this one….

The sentiment for Jenny’s card comes from the “Every Moment” stamp set we all received at the Brisbane Regional Training last month.

It says “When we see with our hearts, every moment is the most wonderful gift in the world.” Nice? Huh?

Off to help mother dear buy her new Apple laptop from the Apple Store at Robina! Wish me luck (and the shop assistant who serves her!!Only joking Mum!)

Catch you later


A Belated Birthday gift!

On Saturday night my husband and kids were all busy doing their own thing so I had an evening of stamping on my own. How nice was that!!! 

My beautiful sister-in-law, Karen, celebrated her  birthday on Wednesday and as usual we didn’t catch up until a few days after the fact. I had a play with a few new goodies to make her card and a little gift. As a rule we don’t give gifts as we have a big family so just spoil the kids (who are all now young men!)

This is the card I made for her along with a little “milk carton” filled to the top with “tic tacs”. She loved the cute box and matching card. She commented that she’d love to be able to make something like that!!! I told her that the last person that told me she couldn’t create is now in my downline blowing our minds with her beautiful (and creative) projects. HEY? Miss Michelle…I told Karen to be careful what she wished for and asked her when she will be booking a workshop. LOL!

We had a great night catching up. Drinks, nibblies, pizza and the Rugby League Grand Final. It was so much fun with a group of family and friends, not to mention Karen making all sorts of funny “football” comments! I forget that she spends every weekend in Winter “living football” with two of her boys.

Anyway, the little gifts were appreciated I think.

Have a great week


Caty Launch

It’s been so long that I have blogged that I have overlooked sharing photos from my Launch gathering. The ladies made two projects and had a few options in the process. We had lots of fun and shared ideas as the WISH LIST grew with the turning of each page.

Thanks must go to my SU buddy, Sarah Klass for the inspiration for one gift the girls received on arrival.

It was a New Catalogue Survival Kit which contained lots of little goodies such as homemade post it notes, tabs for their new caty, sheets to stamp for colour families, a pen, page flags etc.

I love the red strip that was added at the last minute! From Michelle O’Neill! She had gone through the new caty and added up how much it would cost to buy one of EVERYTHING in this catalogue. (…and people think I am anal. Hah!) It was a guessing competition that she used at her launch.

You wouldn’t belive that two of my ladies (who are great friends), guessed almost the same amount and were only $50 below the correct amount. You can send me a comment if you want to know the exact amount!!!!!! (or perhaps Michelle!)It’s between $19,000-$21,000! Yes, kinda makes you start looking at your own collection and thinking…how much is too much! (Sorry Kirsty! I wasn’t including you in this general statement.LOL!)

You’ll notice that one of the projects show the girls using the Cottage Garden paper with Rich Razzleberry Cardstock. Some of the ladies were catching up on a class that they’d missed a few weeks earlier as well as playing with the new goodies.

We made an easel card which was quick and fun.  So sorry….we were so “into it“, I forgot about documenting the day with my camera!  This project looked great with the Rich Razzleberry and Crumb cake colours.  The background here is embossed with the Perfect Polka dots Embossing Folder and because everyone loves stamping so much, I demonstrated a few options using the “For You flower” as the focus. On this one, I  embossed the flower then punch out the middle and added some colour using Tangerine Tango.  Everyone loved their finished work!

Whew! So many post…think I need a little lie down!